B12(Outstanding Professor/Researcher) and NIW Approval

Our immigration professionals helped file an EB12 (sponsored by employer) and an NIW on behalf of a research engineer in a medical research institute in Ohio. Both cases were approved in the Nebraska Service Center. No RFEs.

The beneficiary is a Co-investigator of research projects funded by two NIH grants, Co-Investigator of research project funded by Department of Defense. He is focused on performing cutting-edge research on human central nervous system functions during movement.

The client received his M.S in Biology in China, and subsequently his Ph. D in Biomedical Engineering in the US. Having more than ten publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Brain, and Neurophysiology, the beneficiary was recognized for his groundbreaking discoveries and novel original research contributions in neural control mechanisms of human movements, which are critical to develop the effective treatment for movement disabilities. He was invited to be an expert reviewer for Muscle & Nerve. In addition, the beneficiary was invited to present his research work in the leading conferences in the field.

We provided amply evidence to establish the employer is an accomplished research institute and research position filed by the beneficiary requires proven extraordinary ability in the field of biomedical engineering. The beneficiary provided grant proposals to establish he is an indispensable member of several federal-funded research projects.

We also provided substantial evidence to support our argument that the beneficiary is a renowned research scientist in the field of EEG analysis of cognitive control, movement disorders, and movement rehabilitation. Documents included medial reports about the research lab in which the beneficiary is a key research scientist. In addition, substantial documents were also included to prove the beneficiary’s research in clinical rehabilitation and movements will provide better understanding for mechanisms underlying human movement diseases and to improve movement rehabilitation for patients who lost their move abilities. Thus, his research has had and will continue to have significant impacts on American health care.

The beneficiary submitted eight expert letters from universities and hospitals. These letters attested to the importance of our client’s groundbreaking research and to the fact that our client’s research has significant clinical applications.

Both EB12 and NIW were approved by the Nebraska Service Center three months after submission.

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