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I would like to thank the Ross Yang Law team for their help and effort in obtaining my O-1 Visa as an expert in Signal Processing from Spain. They guided me through the extensive and detailed process at all times with examples using their clear understanding of STEM-fields, and communicated with me. They were able [...]

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A Satisfied Client

终于可以定下心来写一写我的140补件终于获批的心路历程。简直是惊心动魄! 先简单介绍一下我的背景,国内是两年大专,工作6年后去西班牙读语言,又读了1年Marketing的Master。后来因为老公的原因来了美国工作,一直都还挺顺利的。现在的公司同意办绿卡,我就找了现在任职于金石律师事务所的海淼女士,对于她的专业能力和敬业精神实在是要给全五星。

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A Satisfied Client

海淼,我的EB1A I-140在今天批准了!说实话,我的案子能够直接批准真是大大出乎我的意料。我非常感激您当时可以接了我的案子(当时我咨询过几个所谓的知名大律所,都不愿意接我EB1A),发现我的亮点,帮我规划准备,增强我的信心!想和您分享我的喜悦!提前祝您春节快乐!生意兴隆!

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P. T. St. Louis, MO

I am glad to inform you that I have got my GC in hand. I am so excited and thrilled. I am really thankful to you and your team that your industrious effort and passion made it happen. I will be in touch in case any need arises to my known and friends.

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Alameda, CA. S. N. Wu

Thanks again! We are still excited and can't believe the dream comes true. I know that my Eb1 case is not strong and without your help, it cannot be approved so easily (I still remember the pains from my previous Eb1-b case).

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