I-140 惊险过关


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A Satisfied Client

海淼,我的EB1A I-140在今天批准了!说实话,我的案子能够直接批准真是大大出乎我的意料。我非常感激您当时可以接了我的案子(当时我咨询过几个所谓的知名大律所,都不愿意接我EB1A),发现我的亮点,帮我规划准备,增强我的信心!想和您分享我的喜悦!提前祝您春节快乐!生意兴隆!

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P. T. St. Louis, MO

I am glad to inform you that I have got my GC in hand. I am so excited and thrilled. I am really thankful to you and your team that your industrious effort and passion made it happen. I will be in touch in case any need arises to my known and friends.

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Alameda, CA. S. N. Wu

Thanks again! We are still excited and can't believe the dream comes true. I know that my Eb1 case is not strong and without your help, it cannot be approved so easily (I still remember the pains from my previous Eb1-b case).

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A. H. Boston, MA

I received the E-welcome notice this morning! This should be true after the E-notice of I140 and I485 approvals. As far as I know, I am the quickest one to become a permanent resident in my circle. I still remember the first time I called you. I was diffident and uncertain about my qualifications. It [...]

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K. S. Long Beach, California

I am happy to inform you that I received my green card by mail yesterday. Thank you so much for all the effort and time you put in my application and making it a success :)..It has been so much fun and so easy working with you making the whole process so much easy and [...]

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B. C., Pennington, New Jersey

Both my EB1a and NIW were approved within 5 months after filing and my I-485 was approved the same day. Even after few weeks I still can not believe how quickly this journey has been for me. I am very glad that I chose your law firm to process my case, without your professional help, [...]

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X. H. Portage, Michigan

我由衷地感谢贵所的帮助,使我的O-1签证和EB-1A绿卡申请得以顺利通过(两者的批准速度出乎本人的预料)。无论是背景评估和申请材料准备, 我的感觉是:他们经验丰富, 专业知识精湛。 在申请过程中, 律师能在短时间内尽心帮我修改推荐信; 材料的整理及寄出相当及时。总之, 和贵所的合作是非常愉快的。

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S. W., Fremont, CA

I just got approval email for my and my wife's 485. Want to share this news with you and sincerely thank you for your continuous and great help on this long process! Wish you the best in 2009!

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