Strategically located in the central business district of the City of Pasadena, CA …

Strategically located in the central business district of the City of Pasadena, CA, the Law Office of Ross Yang, APC is a boutique law firm specializing exclusively in U.S. immigration and nationality law. We serve clients throughout the United States and internationally and provide legal services to individuals, small/start-up companies, multinational corporations, investors, universities, hospitals and research institutions.

With our unique background, knowledge and experience in engineering, art, science and technology, our law firm is well positioned to help clients in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, information technology, e-commerce, telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, banking and finance, architecture, education, tourism, entertainment and manufacturing.

More specifically, our firm handles work visas for individuals who wish to come to work temporarily in the United States. These work visas include H-1B (specialty occupation), L1A/B (intra-company transferees), O1 (individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement), E-3 (Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia), H-3 (trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor), E-1 (treaty trader) and E-2 (treaty investor), allowing nationals of countries having commercial treaties with the United States to engage in international trade or business investment activities.

With our unique background, knowledge and experience in engineering, art, science and technology …

In addition, our firm frequently assists clients in their U.S. permanent residency applications (commonly known as green card status). Green Cards may be gained through a range of employment-based (EB) immigration options. Many of the EB options requires a U.S. employer’s sponsorship. These categories include EB1B (outstanding professors and researchers), EB1C (multinational executives and managers), EB2 & EB3, which require a filing a PERM labor certification with the US Department of Labor (DOL), to protect the U.S. labor market. Other types of immigration petitions that do not require a U. S. employer’s sponsorship include EB1A (person of extraordinary ability), EB2-NIW (members of the professions who hold advanced degrees or persons of exceptional ability and whose work is in the U. S. national interests). The EB5 category is reserved for foreign nationals who invest one million dollars (or $500,000 in a high unemployment or rural area) in a new commercial enterprise that will employ at least ten full-time U.S. workers.

We keep pace with rapidly changing immigration laws by integrating technology in all aspects of our operations. Our law firm utilizes advanced office technology for document creation, client case management, communication and internal coordination. This allows us to successfully manage client cases in an efficient manner and keep our clients updated on the progress of their cases and any pertinent developments in immigration and compliance law.

We take pride in the quality of our work, our attention to detail, our professionalism and our dedication. Through a personalized approach, our professionals are able to partner with our clients to develop sophisticated yet personalized strategies that match our clients’ need and meet the USCIS regulatory standards.

We understand that immigration process is often time-consuming and sometime painstaking. We aim to provide clients professional services with short turnaround time, smooth communication and handholding assistance whenever needed so as to make this process as pleasant as possible.

The satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal.

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